Personalized-premium insurance means
you pay less
for living well.
The average term life insurance policy gives you a monthly price that you pay for the set term.
Healthy Life = Big Savings
A healthy life allows Sureify to give you money back each month. If your devices show healthy improvements, we reward you with savings - because you deserve it!
The Breakdown
You start with a personal base rate, and we give you money back based on healthy behaviors. The next month's fee is the newly underwritten total.
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A life product above the rest
With Sureify's term life policy, you get the protection of a standard policy, plus...
Free wearable gadgets
Goal tracking
mobile app
Term life
Be protected.
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Be protected.
Protect the ones that matter most. Get the coverage your family needs.
Live well.
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Live well.
Every policy comes with Fitbit and an Aria scale. Start getting healthier immediately.
Save money!
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Save money!
We lower your premiums when your data shows you've been staying active and healthy.
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