So what is Sureify?
Sureify is a new kind of life insurance. Our policies work in tandem with the latest in wearable health technology (our gift to you) so that you can earn money back every month for staying active.
How does it work?
Get insured
Apply online - it's quick and easy. Coverage starts immediately.
Receive your
We send you a Fitbit ChargeHR and Aria Scale at no extra charge.
Live well,
save money
Track your fitness achievements and savings on your Sureify Life App.
See how you save
When your policy is issued you'll receive a baseline premium rate. When you make health achievements, your premium rate starts going down.
Walk at least 10,000 steps at least 3 days a week.
Reach your healthy weight range
(we help you determine this).
Tougher challenges for additional discounts every month.
*Rates based on $1,000,000, 30-year term policy of a 30-year-old healthy male. Premium returns to initial rate if you lose achivements or do not log data consistenly. Challenges are not reoccuring.
Tools to track your progress
Fitbit ChargeHR
After you finish your online application, we'll send you your Fitbit and you can start logging your steps for discounts.
Aria Scale
We'll also send you your Aria Scale. This wifi scale logs your weight and other metrics every time you step on it.
Sureify Life App
Your Sureify Life app will be your central dashboard for tracking your progress and watching your savings grow.
Ready to pick a policy?
Average monthly premiums displayed are based on a healthy, 30-year-old individual. Actual rates are subject to change.
Frequently asked questions
How does Sureify track my data and what will it be used for?
When you download the Sureify mobile app and connect any supported devices, Sureify begins tracking your data by syncing with the applications that are associated with the supported devices. Your data will be used to lower your premium payments if you meet certain fitness achievements. Your data may also be used for marketing research and as actuarial data.
How much can I save?
You can save up to 10% on your premiums each month. For a $50/mo., 30 year policy, this means $1800 lifetime savings!

How do the challenges work?
You may pick up to one challenge a month on your Sureify mobile app. If you successfully complete the challenge, you will receive a 2% discount on your premium for the month.
Will Sureify use my personal data to penalize me?
Never! The baseline premium that you are assigned when your policy is first issued is your premium rate "ceiling." We will never increase your premiums beyond that amount. You can only save money by meeting health goals. Your premium rate can float back up to your original premium amount but it will never exceed that initial rate. That's our promise.

What if I already have a Fitbit or Aria Scale?
If you already have a Fitbit wearable, Aria scale, or other supported device, you may indicate this on your application and we will waive your first month's premium.
Do I have to pay for the Fitbit and Aria Scale?
No, the Aria Scale and Fitbit are included in your policy and we will send them directly to your house after you apply online.
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